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At Westside, we strive to do more, give more, and be more for our students, parents and community. We never want finances to be a reason any child misses the opportunity to deepen their faith while receiving an excellent education with unique opportunities. That’s why we have a student referral program.


FIRST: New students receive a $1,000 discount their first year!

EVEN BETTER: After your student is enrolled, you will receive a $1,000 discount for each student you refer that enrolls!

THE BEST PART: The new referred family will also receive a $1,000 credit per enrolled student!*

EXAMPLE: You have one student enrolled. You then refer 2 families who each enroll 2 children. Both you and the new family receive this credit annually until the referred students are no longer enrolled!

    • 1st FAMILY: $2,000 discount ($1,000 per student)
    • 2nd FAMILY: $2,000 discount ($1,000 per student)
  • YOU: $5,000 discount & pay NOTHING for your student’s tuition!

*The new family referred will receive the referral credit instead of the new student credit (since the referral credit has greater value).

*Referral Discounts only apply so long as both the Referred Student and the Referral Student are both enrolled.

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